Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[Comic Day] Lex Luthor #1, aka Action Comics #23.3

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Out this week from my list on Wednesday's Comic Day, I have the new Lex Luthor #1 (Action Comics #23.3), which is an awesome, shiny 3D Villains Month alt cover in the third installment of DC's latest event, spanning all September. The demand far outsized the supply, even before the release. More orders were being placed for these covers than most suppliers could handle! I think they are an excellent addition to any comic book geek's collection, and so I had to get in. Here's a review of this week's purchase, after the break.

WARNING: Spoilers Below! 


Lex Luthor #1 (Action Comics #23.3)

Lex Luthor #1 - Superman Action Comics #23.3 - Villain's Month 3D cover
Action Comics #23.3
With Superman out of the picture, and Lex Luthor out of prison, Metropolis (and the world) faces a grave danger: the wrath of a scorned megalomaniac. Lex Luthor devises a brilliant plan to destroy Superman's reputation as a savior, putting lives in danger solely for the sake of revenge. When Superman fails to save the day, the world asks itself where its greatest hero has gone, Lex Luthor included.

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