Thursday, August 14, 2014

Microsoft may be readying CDN service called 'Sway'

AUGUST 14, 2014
5:20 PM

Whois,; Courtesy: DotWeekly
Whois,; Courtesy: DotWeekly
Look out, Tim Cook! Nothing is set in stone yet, but it seems like Microsoft is readying up its own content delivery network (CDN) -- just like the Mac-makers at Apple released recently. Of course, creating an entire CDN is serious work, so it will take some serious time. If it's anything like the process over at Apple, it could take well over a year for any of us to actually see the supposed CDN in use.

Tech behemoth Microsoft is being appropriately vague when questioned on the matter. Says the mystical PR guru and leader of Microsoft's corporate communications, Frank X. Shaw: "[It] is August. Chill. :) soak up some rays. Read a book. Play titanfall." (Twitter, @fxshaw). Nuts. The media hasn't missed a beat, though. Kudos to Jamie Zoch for uncovering the Sway trademark and buy-up over at DotWeekly.

I guess we'll all just have to be patient with this one...

Video after the jump: Introduction to CDN Content Delivery Networks -- Eli the Computer Guy

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